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Who we are..

Geo Engineering Services are geological / geotechnical researchers. We are in the field of Geological - Geotechnical explorations & investigations, Geo-physical, mining survey, Geo hydrology, rocks and water analysis. GES is a group of technocrats in Geology & civil engineers. We explore the earth, its nature, its unpredictable formations and behavior. By the continuous learning and implementing the science of earth we are able to provide the best solution for Earth’s complexities.

Certificate No: T-2655

About Us

Our vision - We will be a world class laboratory dedicated to provide authentic and customized solution in the field of civil engineering.
Our mission - To be regarded as the most authentic service provider by our customers.

What We Do?

We provide testing for steel, aggregate, brick, admixture, hardened concrete, soil, cement, paver block, water in the laboratory while non destructive tests like ultrasonic pulse velocity, pile integrity testing and pile dynamic are performed in the field also our services includes Chemical Analysis for Soil, Water, Rock, Steel, Admixture . Above all the tests we have a well equpped Calibration lab for providing with accurate calibration results.

Infrastructure And Working Enviroment

We have a well equipped Geotech laboratory run by best management, soil and civil engineering material testing experts as by professional civil engineers.We have a highly educated and experienced panel of engineers and geologists who are always ready to take up initiatives, keeping themselves updated about the work and ready to face all the challenges coming in their path so as to provide the best services available and to achieve excellence.

Available Facilities

  • Laboratory Tests
  • Fields Tests
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Calibration Procedures
  • Consultancy
  • Much More....


Our Services

Field Tests

Geotechnical Exploration
To obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site to design earthworks and foundations for proposed structures and for repair of distress to earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions
Soil Investigation
A soil test is a process by which elements (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, manganese, copper and zinc) are chemically removed from the soil and measured for their "plant available" content within the sample.
Static Cone Penetration Test (SCPT)
The test method consists of pushing an instrumented cone, with the tip facing down, into the ground at a controlled rate (controlled between 1.5 -2.5 cm/s accepted).
Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT)
The Dynamic Cone Penetration Test provides a measure of a material’s in-situ resistance to penetration. It is used to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of soils and delineating soil stratigraphy.
Field California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
The test is performed by measuring the pressure required to penetrate a soil sample with a plunger of standard area. The measured pressure is then divided by the pressure required to achieve an equal penetration on a standard crushed rock material.
Earth Resistivity Test (ERT)
Earth Resistivity is used in determining the design of the grounding system for new installations to meet ground resistance requirements. It is a measure of how much the soil resists the flow of electricity.

Geological Tests

Identification of groundwater potential location, pin pointing, Aquifer Performance Test (Yield Test – Pumping Test), Environment Impact Assessment Project – Rain water Harvesting.
Mining Exploration
Preparation of geological map and determine the quantity of mineral and overburden.
Land Survey
Topographical contour survey.
Electrical Resistivity Survey.

Laboratory Tests

Soil/Rock Testing
Particle(Grain) Size distribution (Mechanical Analysis), Hydrometer Analysis, Atterberg’s Limit, Box Shear Test Specific Gravity, Hardness Consolidation Test, Free Swell Test, Swell Pressure, Triaxial Test, Water Absorption, Density, Compressive Strength.
Material Testing
  • Coarse Aggregate - Grading (Sieve Analysis), Flakiness Index, Elongation Index, Abrasion Value, Impact Value, Crushing Value, Soundness, Specific Gravity, Petrographic examination
  • Fine Aggregate - Bulk Density, Water Absorption, Grading (Sieve Analysis), Specific Gravity, Soundness
  • Concrete Cube - Compressive Strength
  • Cement - Fineness, Soundness, Initial – Final Setting, Consistency, Density, Compressive Strength
  • Bitumen - Specific Gravity, Penetration Test, Softening Point Test, Ductility Test, Flash Point and Fire Point, Absolute Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Marshall Stability, Marshall Flow value
  • Steel - Yield Strength, Ultimate Strength, Elongation, Sectional Weight of Steel, Bend – Rebend
  • Paver Block - Water Absorption, Compressive Strength
  • Brick - Water Absorption, Compressive Strength
  • Fly Ash
  • Timber / woord
  • Tiles

Destructive – Non Destructive Testing

Schmidt Rebound Hammer (RBH)
Schmidt Rebound Hammer (RBH) is used to determine concrete surface hardness & distressment-Co-relating internal core concrete.
Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)
Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) is used to determine quality of concrete i.e. Homogeneity and durability of concrete.
Pile Dynamic Test (PDA)
Pile Dynamic Test (PDA) is used to determine the capacity of pile.
Half cell Potential
Half cell Potential is used to determine amount of corrosion activity.
Pile Integrity Test (PIT)
Pile Integrity Test (PIT) is used to determine quality & uniformity of concrete-especially for larger sections.

Load Tests

Pile Load Test
Pile Load Test is one of the most proven methods for determining the Load capacity as it provides valuable information to the engineers prior to foudation design.
Plate Load Test
Plate Load Test is a field test for determining the ultimate bearing capacity of soil and the likely settlement under a given load. The test load is gradually increased till the plate starts to sink at a rapid rate.
Bridge Load Test
Bridge Load Testing is the process of determining the live load capacity of a structure based on its current condition through analysis and Engineering Judgment.

Chemical Analysis

These test methods cover the chemical analyses of hydraulic cements. Specific chemical test methods are grouped as reference test methods and alternative test methods.
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Water chemistry analyses are carried out to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of a certain water. This include pH, major cations and anions, trace elements and isotopes.
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Petrographic analysis
Water chemistry analyses are carried out to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of a certain water. This include pH, major cations and anions, trace elements and isotopes.
Calibration Services

Instruments longitivity depends upon how well the equipments have been calibrated We at Geo Engg Services have expertise in the field of calibration.

Our calibration lab is well equipped with the latest instruments which are as follows:
a.) Pressure Comprator
b.) Dial Calibrator
c.) Slip Gauge
d.) Vernier Calipers (Digital and Analog)
e.) Proving Ring 100 MT and 200 MT
f.) Rebound Hammer
much more....

Following are the services that we at Geo Engg provide in the field of calibration.
a.) Force & Pressure
b.) Linear Upto 600 mm
c.) Dial Gauge Upto 25mm
d.) Micrometer & Vernier Calliper

e.) Weighing Balance upto 35 kg
f.) Sieves


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